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I have been fortunate enough to experience long haul flying. As a beauty therapist, it really does take its toll on how you look, feel, and function. It is extremely important to have an in-flight skincare routine and we are going to tell you why!

Long haul flight skincare routine | Skin care tips to know | BBF

We become dehydrated on a plane because air at altitude contains minimal moisture. Water is obviously important on any flight let alone long-haul! Our skin is the largest organ we have so it is incredibly important that we take care of it!

I have always been conscious of how important it is to look after my skin, more so after spending the last 14 years traveling and living in different countries.

These following tips and routines will help you on long haul flights.

Top beauty tips for your in-flight skincare routine

Skin-care Essentials – Long haul flying top Tips!

Drink plenty of water

The most important thing to do while traveling is staying hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will help you look and feel better during and after a flight. Ensure you drink a lot of water before your flight, at the airport, and during your flight. Most airports now have refilling water stations.

Keep your in-flight cosmetics to a minimum!

We have all been there and have packed too many extras, only to have them taken away! Restrictions on liquids, gels, etc are fiercely enforced now, so be careful when you pack, otherwise you may be losing some money!

Liquids carried in the aircraft cabin such as aerosols, drinks, toothpaste, cosmetic creams or gels must be carried in a transparent plastic bag – maximum capacity 1 liter – and no container may hold more than 100 ml. Liquid containers larger than 100 ml must be placed in checked baggage.

Remove your make-up

I personally wear little or minimum make up on a flight. A dry environment and a lot of makeup can create acne and breakouts. Dry environments can also result in wrinkles if we do not hydrate the skin. also If I do I always recommend removing your make-up before you get on the plane and applying your skin-care routine. This will make you feel better and look better when you reapply your makeup when you land.

As mentioned before you will notice a lake of moisture due to low cabin rates. To avoid itchy, flaky skin, a flare-up if you do want to wear makeup. Use BB creams, moisturizers, SPF primers, and lip balms that protect against UV rays.

Cleanse and Tone Skin

After removing your make up. Cleanse your skin twice to remove as much of your make up as you can. Then apply a toner, toner both closes your pores and removes any toxins.

Hydrating Face Mask and Moisturise

Long haul flight skincare routine | Skin care tips to know | BBF

Use a hydrating face mask after cleansing and toner. This will give your skin the hydrating boost it will be lacking from the flight.

Once you’ve removed your mask, apply your favorite moisturizer, gently massaging it in small upward circles over your face and neck. Please use a moisturizer that contains SPF.


Our eyes can become puffy after a long-haul flight. To help reduce puffiness try to pack an eye mask and or apply an eye cream. When applying eye cream you should always apply using your ring finger, and gently dab the cream around your eye.  I also recommend taking eye drops.

Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine

I am a super nervous flyer, always have been and especially when flying solo, but get on with it. Because of this, I do not drink alcohol on a flight. Alcohol and Caffeine dehydrate our bodies so it is important to avoid these.

We hope you enjoyed our Skin-care Essentials – Long haul flying top Tips!
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